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The #DropChallenge on TikTok

9th February 2022

The #DropChallenge has been spreading across TikTok in recent weeks. It was started by LA-based comedian and podcast host Atsuko Okatsuka who shared a video at the start of January where she was squatting in random places to the first part of the song "Partition" by Beyoncé while walking around town with her grandma.

In the video, Atsuko's grandma might not have been too impressed by her sudden drops ... but now thousands of TikTokers are trying the challenge for themselves in their own homes, on public transport, in shops and at work.

There have been some great attempts by professionals in the workplace, including doctors, dentists, teachers and the police. Atsuko says she's loving the remakes:

The challenge has now made its way to the UK – Heart radio presenters Ashley Roberts and Amanda Holden are among those sharing their attempts.

Loose Women anchor Ruth Langsford has given it a go too ...

... and so has singer and Hits Radio presenter Fleur East:

Joe McElderry, who won The X Factor in 2009, also attempted the challenge inside Asda in South Shields ... although he ended up ripping his jeans!

This read-only Shooglebox pulls together some of the different attempts at the challenge from the last few weeks:


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