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Christmas 2023 food and drink trends on TikTok

Posted on 6th December 2023

Food brands have been using Buzz from Shooglebox to track the biggest food and drink trends on TikTok this Christmas and gather insights to feed into their own activity.

Here's just a few of the popular ones:

Chocolate strawberry turkeys: Chocolate-covered strawberries shaped to look like turkeys by inserting an ice cream stick into the top of a strawberry for the turkey's body, using pretzels and mini marshmallows for the legs and dipping in melted chocolate.

Christmas charcuterie: Different ways of presenting charcuterie boards – with videos showing how to make charcuterie trees, chalets and wreaths going down a storm.

Camembert bread bowls: Camembert cheese is topped with cranberries or honey in a festive twist on the ever-popular bread bowl trend.

Christmas cocktails: Christmassy twists on well-known cocktail recipes including a Christmas tree cocktail, winter Aperol Spritz, Santa hat cocktail, Grinch cocktail and striking blue Jack Frost martini.

Chocolate bark: Popular treat around Christmas time made by melting chocolate bars on a tray and then topping with things like sprinkles, marshmallows, chocolates, biscuits, pretzels and fruits. Brands sharing versions include Morrisons who've made a free-from version with gingerbread people on top and Hotel Chocolat who've topped theirs with their chocolate gingerbread men and Christmas trees.

Edible pine cones: Using cereal shells to make brownies, cakes and biscuits look like pine cones – this popular foodie trend took off last year and is doing the rounds again this Christmas.

Hot chocolate and coffee stations: People making drinks stations in their kitchens with everything they need to enjoy a comforting drink on a cold winter's day, such as their favourite hot chocolate or coffee, drinks toppings, Christmas mugs, and sweet treats to have on the side.

Roast potatoes: Favourite roast potato recipes and hacks to get them crispy, including boiling before roasting them, coating in flavoured butters, and air frying.

Festive nights in: Following on from the "spooky nights in" this Halloween, lots of people are sharing videos about the Christmas nights in they've organised with their partners and friends.

If you're interested in signing up or finding out more about Buzz get in touch here.


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