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How Paul uses Shooglebox to save research and showcase his work

Copywriter Paul Smart has been using Shooglebox for about 18 months and says it's now his "go to resource" for gathering research and saving links. "I love it," he says. "Couldn't live without it now".

As well as using Shooglebox to collect research for his copywriting, he also uses it to showcase his published work and has created a mini portfolio to send to potential clients.

"Within a week it had become my go to resource and link saving space - then I realised I could make a shareable portfolio out of it. Lots of new writers spend an inordinate amount of time (and money) messing about with web building apps to try and get a portfolio - they could just use Shooglebox to get started."

Paul has worked in the automotive business for around 20 years and became a professional copywriter two years ago. He shared one of his most recent copywriting projects with us to show how he uses Shooglebox.

The client, MotorEasy, was looking for some SEO improvement within their content and needed someone to research the difference between warranties offered on used cars across 33 different car makes.

Paul started gathering information on the different warranties by dragging links and documents into Shooglebox.

"As car makers are synonymous with their badges/logos - especially as someone who has spent a long time working in and around the car trade - the easiest way for me to jump straight to the right folder for the right marque was to have the badge visual representation."

Every time you add a link to Shooglebox it automatically creates a card and pulls in embedded content from the website with a link back to the original source.

After collecting the links, Paul then edited the front and back of each card to customise the content and add his own notes and images.

"This is a case where the visual representation of the brands works better than just having a link or some text. If the ability to add/change/edit images didn't exist this particular research would go much more slowly"

Paul has only just started using the editing features within Shooglebox to change the images on cards.

"Editing the image gives me a really quick way to identify which card is which. Only recently have I started dabbling with images - I used to let it drag up its own image (where it would) but now I use images so I can see really quickly what's in there."

Paul doesn't always share the research material he gathers in Shooglebox with clients; he sees it as part of his working process.

"The client doesn't always get to see the Shooglebox - I will use it if I feel they've underestimated just how much research needs doing! Generally though, the Shooglebox is for me."

"It keeps me motivated and up to speed. All the research for a client is in one place - I'm not having to rely on bookmarks, or random notes in Google Keep or One Note."

Paul describes his working process. He starts by creating a new stack of cards for a client, then decides which important pieces of research need doing.

"I add interesting features and links to the client box as soon as I find something relevant and useful. I do that until I think I've got enough information, at least to make a solid start, THEN I revisit the folders and add logos and descriptions where necessary. That (for me) is the quickest way to get things done."

Most of the time he works on his laptop, and occasionally his phone – he likes the fact Shooglebox syncs across devices.

"I love that I can sync between Shooglebox on my phone and on my laptop. If inspiration strikes while you're away from your laptop - doesn't matter... save it to the phone and you're set! "The majority of the time, I'll be on the computer. However, if I am out and about without the computer I like knowing that if/when inspiration strikes I can just whip out the phone and everything will sync nicely. Inspiration often strikes when you happen to not be at your desk"

Paul also loves being able to control privacy settings on individual stacks, which is useful when sharing content with clients.

"I love the PIN protection feature. It's also a really easy way to have a shareable portfolio for new folks.

"It's the pretty way to keep all your research info organised. I think I once described Shooglebox as "like Swpely, only prettier" Previously, I had described Swpely as "like Pinterest - but with stuff you actually want" - so Shooglebox is a culmination of the two things. I love it - couldn't live without it now."


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