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How the Butter Board trend spread across TikTok

Butter Boards are one of the latest #FoodTok trends to come out of TikTok with hundreds of people making and sharing their own versions, inspired by TikTok by creator and recipe developer Justine Dorion who wants to make them "the next charcuterie board".

@justine_snacks TikTok post featured on Shooglebox

Justine, known on TikTok as @justine_snacks, was one of the first to talk about Butter Boards on TikTok in this video posted on 16th September. In her video she credits chef and restaurant owner Joshua McFadden for the idea. The recipe “Herbed” Butter With Warm Bread appears in his 2017 recipe book, Six Seasons: A new way with vegetables where Joshua describes the butter as a canvas for the fresh herbs and edible flowers in his garden.

So what's a butter board?

At its heart it's as simple as it sounds – a wooden board spread with lashings of butter, then topped with salt, lemon zest, fresh herbs and anything else you fancy. Then serve with warm bread and convivial conversation for everyone to share.

A Shooglebox of butter board TikToks

Butter Boards are designed for communal eating but for those put off by the idea of "double dipping" with others, individual boards are a thing too.

In her original video Justine added a sprinkling of fresh coriander, edible flowers and a drizzle of honey. The trend really took off when people started sharing their own topping ideas, recipes and reviews.

Subscribers to our Buzz service have been tracking the trend: 80 million people have now used the hashtag #ButterBoards and Justine's original video has had more than 8 million views.

As the trend has evolved the toppings have changed – and so has the base. People have experimented by swapping butter for spreadable alternatives like cream cheese, goats cheese, hummus, peanut butter, avocado ... and even Nutella.

We've pulled together some of the most popular examples of "Butter Boards" and "No Butter Boards" in this read-only Shooglebox that showcase both sweet and savoury versions.

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