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"I'm Mark ... and I'm Spencer": Latest M&S campaign sparks reactive social media challenge for other brands

Posted on 10th July 2024

Marks & Spencer's new campaign with TV personalities Mark Wright and Spencer Matthews is getting widely praised on social media and has sparked a challenge for other brands to find people who share their names.

Shooglebox of example TikTok videos and Instagram posts reacting to the M&S Mark Wright and Spencer Matthews campaign

The original M&S video has been described as "an iconic marketing idea" and "the collaboration of the year" as they tap into influencer pop culture in a bid to appeal to a younger demographic.

Matalan were quick to find two colleagues called Mat and Alan to feature in a reactive video which has got more than two-and-a-half million views across TikTok and Instagram – more than the original M&S video. A range of other brands including easyJet, Cineworld and Screwfix commented wondering if they could also find anyone sharing their names, while M&S invited John Lewis to join the party.

John Lewis responded with a video of colleagues called John and Lewis – and tagged Primark to let them know that they were next.

Other brands taking on the challenge so far include Ryanair, Reiss, Next and Currys. Their videos are simple but effective, ditching fancy production in favour of being quick and reactive.

In a humorous turn of events, Aldi joked that they couldn't join in because "Diane from legal said no", following the controversial caterpillar cake wars and other legal disputes with M&S in the past.

The M&S partnership between Mark Wright and Spencer Matthews is winning plaudits for its culture relevance. But this is also a great example of how being quick to react can reap its own rewards for other brands too.

Take a look at these examples of brands jumping on the M&S campaign and some of the reaction from marketing professionals on LinkedIn.

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