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Jasper the Doll TikTok trend: the weird little doll with a big following

Posted on 5th April 2023

Jasper the Doll, a TikToker's unusual Barbie doll character creation with a distinctive raspy voice and messy Joker-style makeup, has emerged as one of the biggest and most bizarre TikTok trends in the last couple of months.

Jasper does all sorts of videos, acting out funny scenarios with the person behind the account and even doing covers of songs, with lots of people duetting with Jasper and using their sounds in their own videos – take a look at this box of examples on Buzz from Shooglebox:

Jasper the Doll TikTok trend: Example JasperTok videos on Buzz from Shooglebox

Jasper's own account has more than 800,000 followers and they're even selling merchandise on There have been more than 140 million views of videos on #jasperthedoll and 46 million views of videos on #jaspertok, the corner of TikTok dedicated to videos about Jasper.

One video that propelled Jasper onto people's For You Pages was this one posted on February 23, imagining Jasper being interrupted by someone in the background asking what they were doing while filming a video.

Jasper's viral "I'm filming a video" clip has now had 9.5 million views and 1.6 million likes, with people lipsyncing to the sound and duetting it – including some "superfans" going all out and dressing up as Jasper.

Dani Traci (67,000 followers) is one of the biggest Jasper fans and has been regularly posting videos with Jasper-style makeup since the start of March – so much so she now brands herself in her bio as a "Jasper dupe". She's had 6 million views on this video duetting Jasper's "I'm filming a video".

Another account that enjoys dressing up as Jasper and filming duets is Connor Rice (177,000 followers). Like Dani Traci, one of their early big hits was a duet with Jasper's "I'm filming a video" sound (1.5 million views) ... and it wasn't long before Jasper followed them back.

Other videos and sounds from Jasper include "you will never find another girl like me", "can I have a snack?", "sunset, enjoying the beautiful sunset", "back off, Janet!" and "my favourite soup is lobster soup"; as well as covers of songs like Creepin' by The Weeknd and Blue Jeans by Lana Del Rey.

@kimberkeyy has put up the "you will never find another girl like me" as an "inspirational quote" on their wall, while @landscapesareboring has made a cross stitch with the same quote.

Tattoo artist Taylor Kolker has even done a mini series of videos sharing Jasper the Doll tattoo ideas – he got 1 million views on this one captioned "I just need to know who else is on my side of unhinged Jasper TikTok".

TikTok effects creator Maxim Kuzlin has made a Jasper the Doll face effect, which has been used by JasperTok fans in 6,000 videos.

In the last week musician Meredith Bull (1.8 million followers) has made a song using some of Jasper's most distinctive quotes, saying she "can't imagine how weird this one's gonna be for the people not on JasperTok".

People who are "deep" into JasperTok are loving Meredith's song, like, @lexiebeech and @gingerroots_ who describes it as a "masterpiece". It's got the approval of Jasper too, who's posted a video with the song saying "This is amazing, thank you so much".

Many people now talk about being stuck on the Jasper "side of TikTok" as videos from Jasper and about Jasper appear all over their For You pages and they struggle to get Jasper's sounds out of their heads. @keenanblogger posted about his For You Page suddenly changing from being filled with capybara videos to "terrifying" Jasper videos, while @madmaxfranklin joked about going round the house repeating some of Jasper's quotes in their raspy voice after discovering JasperTok.

There are several memes within memes about Jasper too, with people inserting clips of Jasper into trending CapCut templates to joke about the kind of videos they see on their FYPs, including the watermelon reveal, curtain reveal, Pedro Pascal holding a book, the meme from The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent with Pedro Pascal and Nicolas Cage in the car, Banana Joe, Congress debate and "My brain at random points of the day".

Spotting TikTok trends

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Jasper the Doll TikTok trend: Example JasperTok videos on Buzz from Shooglebox

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