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Using Shooglebox to explore a trend: Yogurt Custard Toast

Yogurt custard toast is a trend that started in the US and has spread by people sharing videos on social networks like TikTok and Instagram. TikTok user @CookingwithAyeh describes it as "like dessert for brekkie but healthy".

It's a twist on the classic French toast recipe which is made by soaking bread in a mixture of eggs, milk, cream and vanilla before frying and dusting with cinnamon and icing sugar.

The core recipe for Yogurt Custard toast is a blend of Greek yoghurt, egg and honey or maple syrup mixed together and spread on brioche bread, then topped with berries and baked in the oven. Other popular variations include using chocolate or Nutella in place of fruit - as you can see from the Shooglebox cards below:

One of the great things about Shooglebox is you can gather content from lots of different sources and platforms in one place, including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It's easy to share a post directly from your phone while you're browsing.

Shooglebox will automatically turn each social media link into a card with embedded content on the front and back. By simply by sharing a few links to Shooglebox you can quickly build a colourful set of cards like the one above. It's also great for saving recipe ideas, home makeover inspiration, moodboards, hairstyles - anything you like!


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