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Brands jump on trending TikTok sound 'We got what you looking for'

Posted on 27th February 2023

Some trending TikTok sounds can be a gift for brands who are quick to find creative ways of joining in – like the "What you looking for? We got what you looking for" cheerleader sound that’s been used in nearly half a million different videos in the last month.

Subscribers to our Buzz service were tipped off to the sound in early February, and since then it's really taken off, with brands including Duolingo, Pretty Little Thing, Cinnabon and Lulu Lemon all joining in.

"We got what you looking for" TikTok sound – example cards on Buzz from Shooglebox

The sound was originally uploaded by @coachcheeralot on February 3 showing a cheerleader group practicing a routine – their original video has now had 78m views and 10m likes.

TikTokers like @ray_kenley, @77analise and @brookemonk_ soon started using it, making videos about why they'd be the perfect partner for someone who's looking for a certain characteristic or personality trait – often jokingly and with a touch of dark humour.

This video, from @slayalldaypt3 from the point of view of students answering a teacher's request for volunteers to take something to the school office:

Many of the videos got millions of views and, with the TikTok algorithm often suggesting similar content to the things you've just viewed or engaged with, brands have started using the sound to join in and try to get on to people's For You pages.

Duolingo used it to contrast their Duolingo Math app with Kumon and got 1.3m views.

Other examples include Cinnabon showing how they make cinnamon rolls (1.2m views), Taco Bell's tongue-in-cheek "I need the same five ingredients just rearranged in different ways" (1m views), and Pretty Little Thing using it to promote a competition (508k views).

Sports teams have starting using the sound too – Juventus to pay tribute to star player Angel Di Maria, New York Giants posting about Michael B. Jordan visiting and Hamburger SV using it to answer back to Manchester City. Here are the LA Clippers NBA team using it to show their new uniforms:

Spotting TikTok trends

The "We got what you looking for" trend is just one of the new trends quickly picked up and tracked by our Buzz service, which highlights some of the big talking points emerging on TikTok and social media every day.

Buzz from Shooglebox is used by journalists, creators and brand teams who need to spot and stay on top of the latest trends.

​It includes a constantly updated box of cards showing at a glance and linking to viral videos, TikTok trends and other things going big on social media. Buzz customers also get regular updates alerting them to some of the things they might otherwise miss or discover late.

This stack of cards for the "We got what you looking for" trend gives you an idea of how Shooglebox works – and how it could help you go from spotting a trend right at the start to tracking its development over time.

"We got what you looking for" TikTok sound – example cards on Buzz from Shooglebox

If you're interested in signing up or finding out more about Buzz get in touch here.


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