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Create your own 'cool box' of tips and tricks to beat the heat

As temperatures rise across the UK to unprecedented levels and the Met Office issues a red heat warning for the first time, lots of people are taking to social media to swap tips and advice on how to stay cool without air conditioning. See our cool box here.

Us Brits don't need much of an excuse to talk about the weather but this time we've really got something to talk about!

As well as all the official advice from sources like the Met Office, NHS, British Red Cross and RNLI, there are also loads of great tips and tricks from individuals, with people posting their own tips on social media, on forums and in response to media posts.

At Shooglebox we've been creating our own 'cool box' full of tips and advice for how to beat the heat, pulled from lots of different sources including TikTok and Twitter. It's a great example of how a few people can pull together useful information and advice from lots of different sources far quicker than any one of us could alone – not least because we all see different posts in our algorithm-based social feeds. We all added tips and advice we found on social media into one Shooglebox and by pooling resources we could quickly build a picture of some of the most popular tips and talking points.

Together we discovered...

  • How to keep your house cool during the day – essential when working from home!

  • Ingenious ways to encourage cats and dogs to drink water

  • How to hack your own air conditioning

  • How to spot signs of heat exhaustion

  • Why people are buying dog cooling mats – even if they don't own a pet!

  • Why a hot water bottle is an essential bit of kit for extreme heat

  • How to prepare for a cool night's sleep

Take a look at the box we created – it's just one example of how you can use Shooglebox to pool information from lots of different sources. You can see more examples here.

Create a personal Shooglebox account for free to start building your own boxes.


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